Phrenology Dog: Read Your Dog's Mind!

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Have you ever wondered why your dog acts a certain way, has certain attitude, or does odd things?

Now with Phrenology Dog, you can pin-point and identify where exactly in your dog's brain their emotions, likes and dislikes, and quirks are located with the help of this cute ceramic head.

  • A fun 3-inch tall ceramic bust labeled with distinct areas in your dog's skull, dedicated to their unique canine behavior.
  • Get Treats, Rollover, Beg, Gobble, Food, Lick, Tug of War, Belly Rubs, Fetch Balls, Jump Up, Fetch Sticks
  • The Little Book of Dog Phrenology - 32-page mini-book
  • A totally fetch companion to our Phrenology Cat miniature kit.
  • An un-fur-gettable gift for dog people - sure to tickle their funny bone!

Kit includes one 3-inch tall, painted ceramic desktop statue of a phrenology dog, and a 32-page book written by Brenna Dinon. The gift box measures approximately 3 inches tall x 2 inches deep x 3.8 inches wide.