Ruby Red Shoes My First Little Library

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Ruby Red Shoes is an aware hare who loves to learn and loves to share!

With this wonderful collection little hares can learn the alphabet and how to count with Ruby, then explore her world as she shares her feelings and how she spends her days.

Contains the following special books:

- Learn with Ruby Red Shoes: Alphabet Book

- Learn with Ruby Red Shoes: Counting Book

- The World of Ruby Red Shoes: A Book About Ruby's Day

- The World of Ruby Red Shoes: A Book About Ruby's Feelings


'The small format hardback books are portable, hard wearing and crammed full of the delightful illustrations that have made Kate Knapp's work so deservedly popular ... The rhyming text flows smoothly on the whole in language that is rich and rewarding with the occasional juicy word for a young child ... The illustrations are full of delightful details that make each page a little treasure to explore ... These useful attractive little books are sure to become a family favourite' - StoryLinks

'There is so much useful information packed into one little book in an easy to read aloud style which doesn't feel didactic or forced' - ReadPlus